What is Cipher?

Cipher is a magazine published out of Colorado College, in Colorado Springs. With a few exceptions, we publish the work of Colorado College students. There are no content parameters, but the magazine usually covers stories within Colorado. The magazine publishes investigative and expository pieces as well as memoir and fiction. Above all, we work hard to publish stories worth telling.

How do I write for Cipher?

Open pitch meetings are held in the main space of Worner Center on the first Tuesday of every block at 7 p.m. This is the ideal place to brainstorm, get ideas, and claim articles to write. If you miss the meeting (and it's okay if you do), email Sara (s_fleming@coloradocollege.edu) and you'll be assigned an editor who will guide you through the writing process. First week is the best time to start an article, although eleventh-hour submissions are always welcome.

If you're generally interested in writing, making art, or hearing about upcoming Cipher-related events, email Sara to subscribe to our email list. 

Where do I find Cipher?

Cipher comes out during the third week of every block. You'll find it scattered in every building across Colorado College, as well as some cafΓ©s and  bookstores in Colorado Springs. If you live a great distance from Cipher, you can subscribe to get print copies in your mailbox.

Contact Sara at s_fleming@coloradocollege.edu any time with questions, concerns, suggestions, story ideas, responses, complaints, friendly updates, or other creative varieties of communication.

Who makes Cipher?

Editor-in-Chief / Sara Fleming 

     Editors ////

  • Tucker Smith
  • Kat Snoddy
  • Megan Bott 
  • Callie Zucker 

Art Editor / Caroline Li 

Copy Editor Maddie McCann

Publicist / Jenelise Sutton 

Staff artist / Isabel Aurichio

Cipher is published by Cutler Publications.