What is Cipher?

Cipher is a magazine published out of Colorado College in Colorado Springs seven times every academic year. With a few exceptions, Colorado College students edit, design, and write for the magazine. We publish longform non-fiction, including memoir, investigative journalism, and essays. We also publish one piece of fiction in every issue.

Who can do Cipher?

Cipher is open to members of the entire Colorado College community: students, faculty, and staff. You don't have to join Cipher's staff in order to write. Most writers, in fact, are simply students who have a story to tell. If you would like to be involved with Cipher as a writer, email e_cutler@coloradocollege.edu. If you would like to be involved in art and design, email b_lam@coloradocollege.edu. (If you're not a part of CC, you might still be able to contribute. Email us about it.)

Why      does Cipher exist?

Good question. We work hard to create this magazine because we love good stories. Cipher doesn't have specific content restrictions, so we write and edit stories which, depending on the day, hold the powerful accountable, bring us closer together, or make us laugh until we cry. If our "About" page remains vague, it's because our stories, staff, and contributors all differ widely. What we share is a curiosity about the world and a commitment good storytelling.