Cipher is a magazine. With a few exceptions, we publish the work of Colorado College students. There are no content parameters. We publish whatever it is students are interested in. So sometimes we publish investigative and expository pieces, while other times we get an influx of personal stories. We work hard to publish whatever other students want to write about.  The magazine is published out of Colorado College, but it does not cover the college exclusively. Cipher investigates issues affecting the college, Colorado Springs, the U.S. and the world at large. 

We encourage letters in response to recent articles. Letters should be delivered to W.B. 223 or to the contact form accessible on the menu at the top of this page. Letters will be subject to grammatical edits and may appear with a response in upcoming issues.

Open pitch meetings are held in the main space of Worner Center on the first Tuesday of every Block at 7 p.m.




Editor-in-chief / Ethan Cutler

Editors / Andrew Braverman, Anna Cain, Nathan Davis, Sara Fleming, Maddie Pillari, Jack Truesdale

Art editor / Britta Lam

Archivist / Catherine Sinow

Layout editor / Ethan Cutler