andrew braverman

The Evolution of Flow

Hip-hop/rap has come a long way from the cheery flow of groups like The Sugarhill Gang,  who rapped about “the rhythm of the boogie,” or The Fat Boys, who admitted “we may feel a little chubby / But don’t feel slump.” Nowadays, ambitious young MCs spit lyrics that seem both extremely offensive and lyrically basic to many fans of rap.  Rick Ross discussed date rape in his “U.O.E.N.O,” and Soulja Boy claimed that women “wanna lick the molly off [him]” in his collab with Migos titled, “We Ready.”

Lions, Tigers, and Elks

In 2000, social scientist Robert Putnam published “Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community,” which paints a picture of the evaporation of social organization in the U.S. Putnam compiled a body of data showing how dramatically American modes of social assembly have changed. This change has manifested itself in a departure from civic participation. While much of this withdrawal from the public forum has been a retreat from the political (i.e attending public meetings, working with political parties), equally important has been the withdrawal from service and fraternal groups.

Stan VanderWerf Wants Your Vote.

Stan VanderWerf is a Colorado Springs resident, 27-year veteran of the US Air Force (USAF), family man and small business owner.  After attending Purdue University and completing their ROTC program, VanderWerf went directly into the Air Force. After nearly three decades in the armed forces, Vanderwerf settled in Colorado Springs to found an aerospace defense consulting firm and 3D Printing business. 

Party's Over

After gaining a majority in both houses two years ago, the Grand Ole Party was poised for a period of unrestrained legislative and political dominance heading into the 2016 election. Their fortune drastically changed, however, upon the candidacy and subsequent primary domination of a certain toupe-wearing, loud mouth demagogue who is by now known and feared (or revered) by Americans from San Diego to Sarasota. 

Apocalypse Soon

The subterranean saferoom lies approximately 20 feet under the ground. A pair of dead mice on the floor contributes to the unwelcoming air of the place. Dimly lit, the room has a low ceiling. In the main part of the house, there lies an adjacent saferoom separated from me by a thousand-pound bombproof door which is opened by cranking a massive revolving handle.