britta lam

Beyond Bernie

"There has been no successful socialist nation ever!” Shouts ensue. “There hasn’t been a successful capitalist one either!” It’s a Saturday night, 8 o’clock, downtown at the Iron Bird Brewing Company, where the Colorado Springs Socialists are hosting their monthly meetup. I’m sitting between a pack of socialists and a 20-year-old libertarian named Patrick, who came “to learn something.”

Possibly Robots

While we talked, Akito fidgeted with a roll of tape around his hands. He kept his feet on his desk and blew his nose with a paper towel, then tried to throw it in the trash can and missed. “Do you know the DIY movement these days?” Akito said. “Like make magazines. That’s all cute and stuff, but in the near future this is going to happen in the biological domain too: DIY biology at home. You’re going to have access to all these things."