celia palmer

The Importance of Disgusting

The worst food I have ever eaten came from a small roadside convenience store in Redwood National Park in Northern California. I was something like eight years old and I chose an egg salad sandwich from the poorly stocked shelf. When I peeled off the shrink-wrap I saw that the moisture of the egg salad had seeped through the bread and congealed into a skin around the sandwich. I was very hungry so I bit into the slippery thing anyway. The flavor of the oozing egg and white bread that coated my tongue and the back of my teeth was far stronger than it should have been. It tasted like a wet chunk of liver, reclaimed from a few-days-dead goose. I choked down the sludge and started to cry. An earwig climbed out of my bite mark.

Four-Star Cults

✭✭✭✭ “great family environment”

I’m an older woman and found the sound of 800 children laughing and chanting scripture about the fate of their souls immensely relaxing. My grandkids came up from Phoenix for the day, and loved the jovial atmosphere. I noticed the bellhop seemed to be removing some older male children from the premises. I’m guessing this was related to the pamphlet in our room about maintaining the golden ratio?? Also, loved the privacy from the massive cement walls surrounding the resort.  

-Linda, Tampa