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Who Killed Dylan Redwine?

Oh, don’t be such a man, give your mom a hug,” said Elaine Redwine, an Associate Director at Colorado College’s Office of Financial Aid, to her 13-year-old son, Dylan, before she left him at the airport on Nov. 18, 2012. Dylan was on his way to visit his father, Mark Redwine, who lived in a remote area near Lake Vallecito in southwestern Colorado. This is the last time she would see her son alive. The next morning Dylan vanished from his father’s home without a trace.

Good Company

On May 17, 2015 a shoot-out in Waco, Texas between rival biker gangs left nine dead, 18 injured and 165 arrested. Inside the bathroom of a Twin Peaks (a “Breastaurant” a la Hooters specializing in “eats, drinks and scenic views”) a scuffle turned to a brawl. The struggle moved from the bathroom onto the floor of the restaurant and, as it escalated, to the parking lot. Eventually, under the noontime sun, around 100 bikers were punching, kicking, clubbing, stabbing and shooting one another.

What the Fire Left Behind

The Black Forest Fire, surpassing the Waldo Canyon Fire as the most devastating in Colorado’s history, destroyed more than 500 homes and took two lives. By the time it was contained on June 20, 2013, nearly 14,500 acres were scorched. Charles Lamoreaux, jeweler at Sutton Hoo, lost his home in the fire and was kind enough to share some of his surviving possessions.

It's In Our Bones

Four and a half billion years ago, a camera began recording. It captured images of faces, footprints, fingernails. It saw the first proteins strung out piece-by-piece; it saw microscopic, single-celled masses absorbed by their neighboring blobs of life; it saw families trekking across grasslands in search of food. This camera ran for billions of years, from angles all over the planet, capturing the sky, the trees, predators, prey, insects and bacteria. And after each frame, the film was discarded on the ground, where it would be covered in mud, land and vegetation, maybe for the rest of time.