drew turley

The Diversity Myth

The Diversity Myth

Article by Drew Turley; art by Hannah Seabright

Major efforts to diversify CC as an institution started after Tiefenthaler joined us in 2011. After she heard the cry for more diversity, she started making changes. On the Diversity page of CC’s website, we report that in 2004, 14.3 percent of students identified as American ethnic minorities. In 2014, 24.7 percent of students identified as American ethnic minorities. In 2004, 1.7 percent of students were international. And again that figure rose to 6.4 percent in 2014. While these changes indicate institutional efforts to diversify CC, we certainly have plenty of room to grow. We are still an overwhelmingly white institution.

A Letter to My Father

Despite marrying and having children with a woman who is half Chinese, you taught me to pass as “white.” You never did this explicitly, but the rules of the game dictated that if you taught me to live as a “white” person, with all the mental, physical and social regulations that come with it, I would have better chances of success in life. You knew this in the same way you tried to scare me with stories of gay predators when I was young. Society had deemed them dangerous and sick, and you simply wanted to keep me safe. Dad, it’s time to throw open the curtains and see your window. It’s up to you to break it.