emma kearney


How in an elected body of 20 college students can you get a Finance Representative who isn’t pressured to resign until two and a months after signing away $4,500 dollars in student activities fee funds without seeking permission, a Vice President of Finance who is unconstitutionally off campus for more than one block of the year and a president who gives $20,000 to the Butler Center as a “gift to the community,” despite never being asked to do so by any Butler Center representative, all without any vote from the student body?

If you answered this brainteaser with “The 2014-2015 Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA) Executive Council,” you’re correct.  

Beer and Loathing

I am sitting with a rare specimen on a Saturday afternoon—Coll Junior Tompson (CJ), a first-year Las Vegas native. We are perusing the Buzzfeed list “28 Signs You Grew Up in Las Vegas,” which CJ claims he’s never read. After a few halfhearted chuckles at jokes about rain in the Mojave Desert and stripper schools, we stop scrolling at #20: 


20. You were taught all the words to “Home Means Nevada” in elementary school and could probably recite the whole thing right now. 

Animal Dads

In nature, animal fathers get a bad rap. You’ve probably heard the story about the grizzly bear that ate his own cub or the guppy that swallowed his fry only moments after its birth. If you searched for examples of deadbeat dads, you’d find a wealth of information: the assassin bug devours his young like caviar and the power-hungry lion makes the perfect evil stepfather. But while the good animal dads may be few and far between, these seven examples offer a variety of unusual and admirable parenting techniques.