helen griffiths

Mind the Gap

I hang up after the 50th call of the day and mark a check by the running column we have under “Protest the appointment of Steve Bannon.” The phone rings again.

“You’ve reached Senator Michael Bennet’s office. How may I help you today?” I answer in a voice almost as automated as a machine’s.

“If Bannon is in the White House, then no Democrat should work with any Republicans!” announces the caller. “Do to them what they did to Obama for eight years! The Senator should quit or boycott, but there is no way my representative is signing on to any bill a Republican proposes if Republicans don’t stand up and demand that Bannon stay out.” The caller hangs up.

I record another check in our column and take a break. Walking outside, I find myself in the midst of a group of protestors. They wear red baseball caps and hold signs: “Get government out of my Medicare!”

The irony is painful.