liz forster

She's Not Faking It

On President Jill Tiefenthaler’s first day teaching at Colgate University in 1991, she stepped into the Economics building wearing a dress and heels. As the only female faculty member in the department, she knew she needed to embrace the standard of how young female professionals should appear. So she dressed the part. She did so with poise and confidence, and at that moment, she did not just hold a title; she truly felt like a professor.

Along Came Poly

Sympathetic joy appears in all forms of relationships: marriage, committed but non-marital relationships, friendships and even interactions between strangers. The most common form of sympathetic joy is experienced in monogamous marriage, in which shared experiences, sensual exchange and lovemaking provide the platform for sympathetic joy, according to psychologist Jorge N. Ferrer. 

Birds of Prey

On the evening of Oct. 18, 2011, a retired Zanesville, Ohio resident, Sam Kopchak, went to check on his new horse. Reaching the small paddock behind the house, Kopchak noticed that something was wrong. His neighbor’s horses were more skittish than usual, running in circles around a dark mass. Squinting, Kopchak recognized the figure as a small black bear, rare, but not unheard of in Muskingum County.