miles cooper

Uncensoring Voices

Most American citizens do not feel the effects of the wars we are currently involved in. Living in the United States, we don’t have to worry about daily shellings, food rationings, militia groups or foreign forces occupying our homes. To us, the “enemy” is a man with a beard and turban brandishing an AK-47 and yelling words we do not understand. But, many of us are as removed from understanding our own Armed Forces as we are the “enemy.” Who are the men and women who fight in our Army?

Officially Wanked

With three billion Internet users worldwide, humanity is at its most interconnected point. Try to distance yourself from this world, and you will ultimately be disappointed in your efforts. For most people, every financial transaction, Internet search or e-mail is recorded, stored and sometimes screened. Trying to escape this mass-recording is possible but not practical. Not using the Internet, the largest repository of knowledge ever compiled, would be a disservice, a denial to yourself of so much free knowledge. So what to do? 

The Real Dr. Miami

A body lies on an operating table. Everything but the breasts is obscured by blue cloth. Fetty Wap croons over the speaker. A scalpel comes into focus, smoothly cutting clockwise around the nipple to expose the fat beneath. Skin is sliced away from the areola. Fat is removed, a cavity is formed and a gloved hand slides a clear saline pouch into the cavity. The image jostles as the iPhone presumably changes hands. A needle plunges into the skin and out again, tugging at the skin to pull it around the nipple, sealing the cavity.

This is an image that the average person usually never sees. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon from Bal Harbour, Florida, Snapchats this reality to the masses. He uploads two to four surgeries per day to his snap story, enabling his followers to see what plastic surgery looks like in real time.