We'll almost definitely take another photo like this one. You could be in it. 

We'll almost definitely take another photo like this one. You could be in it. 

Job Description: Editor

Description: Editors are the core of Cipher. As an editor, you’ll generally work with 2-4 writers at a time through the entire process of brainstorming, researching, drafting, and polishing a Cipher article. Your essential goal as an editor is to improve another person’s writing. We view editing as a collaborative process in which the editor helps the writer develop their vision, direction, voice, style, etc. This involves skills such as:

·      Listening to and critiquing others’ ideas. Sometimes you’ll find them great, other times you’ll find them terrible. You should be able to comprehend and offer advice in either case.

·      Developing good sense of what kind of topic, characters, framing are necessary to create a compelling piece of writing.

·      Being able to communicate with someone about sometimes very complex or personal matters within their own writing.

·      Catching and correcting factual, logical, and mechanical errors in writing.

You may also be asked to help other editors with pieces they are editing, help train new editors, and participate in various outreach efforts. You’ll also be expected to write for Cipher at least once during each semester that you are an editor.

Time Commitment: We’re not gonna lie: being a Cipher editor takes up a lot of your time. Throughout each block, you’ll be reading and reviewing drafts and meeting with your writers to discuss their work. Depending on the writer and the stage of the process they’re at, these meetings can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. The good news is that, for the most part, you set these meetings according to your schedule. Learning how to manage your own schedule and edit efficiently yet effectively is key to ensuring that the job doesn’t become overwhelming.

Regular commitments: Every first weekend (except first block) is “pub weekend,” which is sadly not when we drink all weekend, but rather, when we gather to intensively edit each piece and put the magazine together. You’ll be expected to commit 6-10 hours every first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to read and edit articles we’re publishing. You will also be expected to attend weekly meetings every Monday, at a time that will be determined each semester by the current staff. You may be asked to attend additional meetings as the need arises. We also expect you to be consistently available by phone/email/Slack (this doesn’t mean you have to be on your phone all the time, but that you should generally respond to messages within a few hours). If you plan to be away from CC for a semester or block, we expect to know in advance.

Why Apply: Being a Cipher editor is challenging but well worth it. This is a perfect job for someone who loves writing, thinking, and getting to know people and ideas. Cipher is a pretty unique publication, especially to have at the college level, and being an editor gives you freedom to help shape it. Simply put: it’s rewarding to be a part of creating something that also gives a voice to the work of others.

Compensation: You will receive a stipend that does not reflect the hours you will put into the job. (It may change with the budget for the year, but expect around $120/ block. If the stipend amount prevents you from applying, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.) We also get free lunch every pub weekend Saturday, along with some other free meals throughout the year.

Basic Qualifications to Apply:

Excellent command of the English language

Knowledge of AP Style or willingness to teach yourself AP Style before starting

Demonstrated familiarity with Cipher—its content, mission, and process

Interest and experience in creative nonfiction and/or journalism

Ability to communicate clearly and consistently with other staff members

Be down to attend some legendary classy and not-so-classy release parties

Previous experience in journalism, editing, and/or writing tutoring is helpful, but not necessary.

You don’t need to have written for Cipher before beginning the application process, but you will need to write before we hire you. 

How to Apply

Contact Sara at (970) 987-4190 or s_fleming@coloradocollege.edu for an application.