Submitting Art:

If you want to submit art for Cipher, join our artists email list or contact Dara at You will get a list of articles currently in progress, from which you can chose one that sounds most interesting to make art for. You can also submit freestanding art for the cover, especially if it relates to the upcoming theme.

Writing for Cipher! 

Please note that our preliminary draft deadline for an issue is First Monday of the block before publication. For example, to submit to an issue being published Block 7, the first draft should be in by First Monday of Block 6. See below for more information.

Contacts for submissions and questions:

Megan Bott, editor in chief

Kat Snoddy, managing editor

Step One: Contact Kat or Megan to let us know that you’re interested in writing.

They’ll put you in contact with an editor and you’ll set up an initial meeting. This is before the First Monday deadline. You’ll discuss your ideas and brainstorm ways to go about writing your article. This meeting is optional. That is, you can still submit without meeting with an editor—but meeting with an editor first will help you work through your ideas and think about how to shape them into a Cipher article.

Step Two: Submit a preliminary draft and Cipher submission sheet by first Monday.

Cipher Submission Sheet

The draft doesn’t have to be complete or polished—it can be an excerpt of what you plan to write. We are looking for a minimum of 300 words of prose (i.e., not just an outline but actual writing). If you have a longer draft ready or other written material you want to include with your prose submission (such as an outline of the rest of your piece), you are welcome to do so! You can also submit something you have written for a previous class but want to modify.

Step Three: Edit your piece!

  1. If your piece is chosen for publication in the upcoming Issue, you’ll be paired with an editor who will help you edit and polish your preliminary draft over the course of the block before publication. Final drafts are due before the previous block ends.

  2. If your piece is not chosen for publication in the upcoming issue, we’ll respond to your submission with constructive feedback. You’ll have a chance to work on it and re-submit it for future issues.

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Upcoming Issues

These are our upcoming issues that you could write for! Note that the themes are intended as inspiration—articles don’t have to fit the upcoming theme.

Issue 2 - Mediocre

Issue 3 - Mommy

Issue 4 - Excessive