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Article Ideas

The New Curriculum CC will soon announce the new general education requirements that the Curriculum Executive Committee has been working on for the past few years. What are these requirements? What can we say about the process that led to them?

Humans of New York It was super popular for a while there, then seems to have died out despite more institutional gains like a Facebook TV series. Why did we fall in love with HONY and then so quickly out of love? Is it because it really just characterized the proletariat New Yorkers in just the way fetishizing white people all over want to see them? Or is there a different reason?

Henley’s Key Service Supposedly, they are just a key service, but their trucks are everywhere. How can that many people need key services on such a consistent basis? Is something shady going on?

Library CC’s library purports to be Net-Zero. The library has been lauded around the country for its design, efficiency, etc. A group of librarians from around the US even came to visit the library recently. It could be interesting to see what all the hype is about, especially considering that most of our library doesn’t have books (which has pissed some people off). It could also be cool to examine whether or not the library is meeting its energy goals.

Nostalgia Kids born in nineties and early 2000s conception of nostalgia based on rapid progression of technology in the past 30 or so years—does the past feel further away because technology has advanced so much so quickly? Lots of fun nostalgic stuff to dig into here maybe: interviewing students, etc.


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