Rebecca Twinney / Endlings

Ethan Cutler / I am Not a Robot

Andrew Scherffius & Taelin Lucero / We Are Not a One-Man Band

Monica Black / God's Name in Flashing Lights

Annie Malecek / The Chink in the Nation

Charlotte Wall / I See the Light

Mohammad Mia / ...The Call is Heard

Karl Oman / Desert Story

Maddie Pillari / What Remains

Andrew Braverman / Psychedelics as Psychiatry

Sophia Skelley / The Excess of Tech

Sam Silverman / The Perfect Shade of Orange



Letter from the editor

Abi Censky / One Man Race

Hannah Westerman / Nothing But the Truth

Monica Black / Mercurial

Holly Pretsky / Story Day

Andrew Braverman / Party's Over

Pax Hyde / Kendrick and Kanye

Rebecca Twinney / To Thine Own Selves Be True

Charlotte Wall / Control Freaks

Jack Queen / Strawberry Hills Forever

Sara Fleming / Benchwarmers

Eliza Stein / Nature Versus Nurture

Kendal McGinnis / Re-Living Rocket Power

Anna Wermuth / Face the Vaxx

Mohammad Mia / When The Trumpet Sounds...



Letter from the editor

Eliza Stein / It's In Our Bones

Sara Fleming & Ethan Cutler / Tongue Tied

Holly Pretsky / Lonely Business

Charlotte Wall / Friends or Food

Nathan Davis / The Dismal Science

Heather Elmtree / Would You Rather

Pax Hyde / Uncivilization

Rebecca Twinney / Lions on Leashes

Liz Forster / Birds of Prey



Letter from the editor

Mohammad Mia / A Dream Deferred

Abigail Censky / Give Daddy Some Sugar

Dana Cronin / Your Father Went Here Too?

Anna Wermuth / Revelations

Miles Griffis / Daddy's Boy

Alex Farr & Alta Viscomi / Who Are You Wearing?

Drew Turley / A Letter to My Father

Cat Braza / In Search of Middle Ground

Charlotte Conant-Wall / Behind the Heard-Shaped Sunglasses

Rebecca Twinney / Animal Dads

Hannah Westerman / Stay at Home, Dad

Hannah Fleming / First They Killed His Father



Letter from the editor

Hannah Fleming / Sleight of Hand

Nathan Davis / The View From Naomi's House

Jack Queen / Cut From The Herd

Cipher Rewound

Pax Hyde / For The Record

Tara Labovitch / Words, Words, Words

Nelson Kies / Super Rich Kids

Anna Cain / Spank Me, Mr. Darcy

Andrew Braverman / Apocalypse Soon

Maryka Gillis / Reevaluating Recovery

Web exclusives: the Yik Yak controversy / Over the Top / Thad Pryor's Appeal



Letter from the editor

Nico Wilkinson / The Origin of Us

Sophia Skelley / Forest Fables

Ethan Cutler / God's Children

Liz Forster / Along Came Poly

Lydia Ballantine / Silenced

Jackson Paine / Copernicus on a Budget

Charlotte Wall / Sex, Lies, and Ampersands

Gabe Fine / The Evolution of Angst

Sara Fleming / "Because We're Insane"



Letter from the editor

Anna Cain / "Ulysses" Today

Hannah Westerman and Abigail Censky / A Night in a Twin Bed

Nathan Davis / Good Company

Cat Braza / Into Thin Air

Amelia Eskenazi / Untitled Art

Abigail Censky / Eat, Stray, Love

John Williams / Mirror Twins

Sara Fleming / Speak No Evil

Anna Wermuth / Masked

Elsa Godtfredsen / Twin Strangers

Jack Queen / Bury My Heart in Kyrgyzstan



Letter from the editor

Norman Lewis / Thicker Than Water

Miles Cooper / The Real Dr. Miami

Tom Crandall / Flashbulb Memories

Andrea More / My Fallen Bunion, My Fallen Comrade

Natasha Riverron / Plastics Are the New Ivory

Jackson Paine / The Devil in the Details

Esther Chan and Charlie Theobald / What the Fire Left Behind

Andrew Braverman / Unlimitless

Eliza Stein / Still Here

Johnathan Williams / Plastic Love

Alex Musicant / A Day Without Plastic

Hannah Westerman / Cosmetic and Qualified

James Dinneen / Closed Circuit Daoism