Editors are the core of Cipher. As an editor, you’ll generally work with 1-2 writers at a time through the entire process of brainstorming, researching, drafting, and polishing a Cipher article. Your essential goal as an editor is to improve another person’s writing. We view editing as a collaborative process in which the editor helps the writer develop their vision, direction, voice, style, etc.


Pay: $80/block

As the publicist of Cipher, you are responsible for all the odds and ends that concern distributing, promoting, and celebrating the magazine. You are also expected to attend the weekly staff meetings, be informed on the magazine’s production and content, and be an overall involved member of the staff! The position is always in flux, and your duties may (and probably will) change over time, depending on how you and the rest of the staff feel.

Web Editor

Pay: $80/block

The Web Editor is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the cipher website. This entails uploading each new issue onto the website as well as making corrections and adding new pages as needed. A small amount of inDesign work will be required, but no experience is needed. You also must attend weekly staff meetings.