Editor-in-chief / Nathan Davis

Editors / Anna Cain, Ethan Cutler, Sara Fleming, Maddie Pillari

Art editor / Britta Lam

Webmaster / Catherine Sinow

Online editor / Andrew Braverman

Copy editors / Jonathan Tignor, Rebecca Twinney

Contact any one of these people by emailing [firstname].[lastname]

Except Maddie's full name is "Madeline" so you'll have to take that into consideration



Past editors-in-chief

2015-2016 / Hannah Fleming, Charlie Theobald

2015 / Anna Cain, Olivia Chandrasekhar

2014 / Han Sayles, Sarah Ross

2013-2014 / Han Sayles, Cameron Johnson

2013 / Parker Tarun

2012-2013 / Andrea Tudhope

Although Cipher has been around since 1997, editor-in-chief credits only began in 2012.