Letter from the editor

Aleyah Goins / Who Holds the Monkey Wrench?

Anna Cain / Muggles and Fan Fiction

Ashley Johnson / Between a Cock and a Hard Place 

Han Sayles / He Didn't "Retire"

Eboni Statham / The Purity Ball

Elliot Mamet / Hannah Arendt and Colorado College

Jade Frost / Sense and Invisibility

Sam Tezak / Man in the Mirror

Hannah Fleming / Taxi Ride-Along

Anonymous / Denied Accommodations

Journal Pages

Maryka Gillis / Breathe In, Breathe Out

Juan Avila Conejo / The Word That Must Not Be Said

Maddie Pillari / A Sisterhood of Sorts

Krithika Vachali / A Culture of Censorship

Brian LeMeur / Text Speak Explained

Jasmine Burnett / All Hail Lloyd

Andrew Braverman / The Evolution of Flow

Addis Goldman / Life in Jail

Tess Gattuso / One-and-a-Half Years Later

Nick Morales / Get Your Grind(r) On

Miles Cooper / Uncensoring Voices

Hannah Westerman / Demanding History

Grace Montesano / Trustees and Transparency